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The Psychologist Reputation Repair Story

About Psychologist Reputation Repair


We are talented S.E.O., Social Media & Marketing Experts with several teams of very creative Developers and ex-Google employees, we have been doing Online Reputation Repair for over 6 years.

After a while it became obvious that mental health professionals were particularly vulnerable to online reputation damage because anyone with a grudge can file a complaint with a State Psychology Board, often out of spite, and there is nothing you can do.

In many cases the end result is that the psychologist's reputation is severely damaged online... forever.

This is extremely unfair, so we formed Psychologist Reputation Repair to help. We specialize in restoring the online reputation of psychiatrists, psychologists & other mental health professionals.

Now there is a defense against unfair online reputation damage!

 Your online reputation is fragile.

Here is how our Psychologist Reputation Repair works:

We Analyze


First we perform a comprehensive analysis and review of all information on the Internet about you and about your practice, including any State Disciplinary Actions, criminal charges, news articles, or unfavorable reviews on Psychologist review websites like HealthGrades, RateMD, Vitals, Yelp, Angie's List, etc.

Then Delete/Remove


Then we attempt to force the offending websites to remove any unfavorable information that could damage your online professional reputation. We can sometimes remove links to Disciplinary Actions, and some negative reviews or online articles can also be deleted (we have successfully done this all before).

Or Reduce/Hide.


If the unfavorable information cannot be completely deleted, then we engage our highly skilled Reputation Management team to engage our time tested and proprietary Reverse S.E.O. methodologies to bury the information as far down in the search results so that no one will ever see it.

What we can remove..

We can deal with most types of negative online information, we do this every day...

Negative Reviews

Bad Reviews/Comments

Psychologist Disciplinary Actions

State Board Actions

Criminal Charges

Criminal Charges

Online News

News Articles/Video


  1. How long has Psychologist Reputation Repair been in business? We have been successfully repairing psychologist reputations online for over 9+ years, we have hundreds of very satisfied psychologist clients in just about every state, our success rate is 100% and our results are guaranteed.
  2. Does Psychologist Reputation Repair only work for Psychologists? No, we specialize in Online Reputation Repair for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists or any type of Mental Health Professionals, but we also perform the same services for other professions such as Doctors, Dentists, Attorney's, etc.
  3. Can you get rid of negative reviews? Yes, we can even get them completely deleted (depending on the context of the review(s) and which websites they are on (we have done this for many clients, in one case we got 192 very negative reviews completely deleted form 6 different websites).
  4. Why can't I respond to the reviews myself? Unfortunately psychologists are prohibited by ethics standards to try and counter negative reviews, responding would "acknowledge" that the reviewer is a current or former client, which would violate APA’s Ethical/Privacy Standard 4.01 – Maintaining Confidentiality. Also APA's Ethical Standard 5.05 - Testimonials: prohibits psychologists from soliciting testimonials. This is extremely unfair, and we do not have these restrictions. Also, all review websites have special rules and procedures for review removal, if you request a removal without knowing all the criteria, the reviews will be flagged and further deletion requests denied - We have extensive experience with all these procedures and we know exactly how to get negative reviews completely deleted.
  5. What websites can you get information removed from? We have been doing this for many years, and we have figured out how to force most review websites to remove negative comments or information, the most common websites we deal with are:
  • RateMDs.com - Allows unrestricted and unverified comments to be posted by anyone, has 5 star "Rating System".
  • HeathGrades.com - Provides "Background Check" feature, with details on State Board Disciplinary Actions.
  • Vitals.com - Allows anyone to post unrestricted and unverified reviews, often unfavorable.
  • Yelp.com - Another "review" website that allows anyone to post unrestricted and unverified "comments".
  • Google My Business listings - Google automatically generates business information and people can leave reviews.
  • AngiesList - A very popular membership based website with over 10 Million reviews.
  • *Note: If you are listed on any of these sites, get in touch with us right away before it spreads.
  1. Some other websites also link to my State Disciplinary Action(s), can you get these deleted? In most cases we CAN get this type of information completely deleted, we have had these deleted before and we know how to do it, but every situation is unique. *Note: There are also many websites that republish State Disciplinary Actions online as "public information", this can be very damaging so it is best to address any disciplinary action information right away before it spreads all over the Internet. Here are just a few of the websites that may republish State Psychology Board Actions:
  1. Are there groups that are intentionally trying to do damage to psychologists and their reputations? Yes, there are many groups (some of them are listed above) that continuously monitor State Psychology Board Actions, news articles, blogs and review websites and intentionally republish and propagate embarrassing information in order to discredit psychologists and the psychology industry - See video "Assault on Psychology" here.
  2. Can you get State Psychology Board Actions removed from the state board websites? Yes, we have done this many times before for our clients. Each State Board is different but we have developed specific strategies that can get this information deleted completely. This is done on a case by case basis, first we will see if there is a way to get the information deleted, if not then we will bury the information so deep on the Internet that no one will ever see it.
  3. How can you get State Psychology Board information deleted when my Attorney couldn't? Attorneys try to “negotiate” the removal, but we don’t have to negotiate because we have developed targeted strategies that use specific nuances of federal and state laws to force the websites to delete the information completely, they don’t have a choice.
  4. What about other types of unfavorable information online? Yes, we can mitigate almost any negative information online that can damage your online reputation, including:
  • Bulletin Boards, Blogs, Social Media, etc.
  • State/Federal Criminal Charges
  • Local/National News Articles
  • Press Releases
  • T.V./Online News Video's
  • Any negative or unfavorable information online
  • **The more visible or persistent the information is the more difficult and costly it is to remove.
  1. How do I know people are seeing the negative information? If it is on the Internet, people will see it... Over 85% of people look up their providers online at some point, most likely your clients or potential clients will see the information. But how do you know which of your patients, friends, or associates have seen it? It has been our experience that they don't always tell you that they know about it, they will either: a. Alter their perception of you, or b. Just cancel the service or distance themselves without saying anything. Either way, unfavorable information can have a significant negative impact on your professional reputation, your personal relationships, and your psychology practice.
  2. What if my business is NOT being affected by the negative information? Even if your bookings are full, people will still see any unfavorable information online when they "Google" you, and this can impact people's perception of you. Unfavorable professional information can also damage your personal life and relationships, even though many people will not bring it up, it may still alter their perception of you.
  3. How long does it take you to remove negative information? Once you sign up we get started right away, each case is different but typically you could start seeing results within 30 to 90 days.
  4. What if the negative information comes back? The way we perform the Online Reputation Repair it is permanent, but just to be sure we use our proprietary 24/7 Practice Monitor Service to monitor the Internet for 5 years, if the old information pops back up we will know about it
  5. Is your service guaranteed? Yes, the guarantee is built into the contract.
  1. How much does it cost? Our pricing is based on how difficult the information will be to remove. We assign a team of between 2 and 4 experts that specialize in certain areas of information removal, depending on the type of information to be removed. A typical Psychologist Reputation Repair project can take between 100 and 400+ combined work-hours for our teams to complete. See our Pricing here.
  2. Can you really do this? Yes, we do this every day and have cleaned up the online reputation for hundreds of psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health and other regulated professionals. Our results are guaranteed.
  3. What about other "Reputation Repair" companies, can they do the same things? In short, NO! None of them will actually delete or remove any information, they will only try to suppress it (and usually unsuccessfully at that). Many of our clients come to us only after falling for one of these common tactics used by some other companies:
  4.  Monthly fees - They will only do enough work each month to keep you paying more. They have no incentive to actually repair your reputation.
  5.  Annual Contracts - Up to $15,000.00 per year: Same as Monthly Fees, they only do enough work to keep you paying.
  6.  Under Pricing - Some companies will quote you a lower price with no guarantee, so they can come back and keep charging you more, and more, and it never ends.
  7.  Free Quotes - These are basically an extortion scam, they get you to submit your personal information and they will quote you a price based on how "embarrassing" or damaging the information is rather than how much it will actually cost to remove.
  8. How do I get started?
  1. What happens then? We will email you the contract (which includes the 100% guarantee), then you send back the signed contract and payment via check or money order, and we assign a Reputation Repair Team to your case right away.
  2. How many people will work on my case? That depends on the level, visibility, and severity of the unfavorable information. We have teams that specialize in different categories of negative information, i.e.: Negative Reviews, Board Actions, Government Websites, News Websites, etc.
  3. What if I currently don't have any unfavorable information online? You can still sign up for our exclusive 24/7 Practice Monitor Service. We will use our proprietary Reputation Management Program to monitor the Internet 24 hours a day, if anything negative pops up we will notify you and take care of immediately, before anyone ever sees it!
  4. What if I only have an "Administrative" Psychology Board Action? Some state Psychology Boards have adopted unfair regulations that can result in a psychologist being disciplined or sanctioned for non-health related offenses, such as late payment of dues, "continuing education", or some states even sanction psychologists if they do not file state taxes on time.. Is this damaging your reputation? Well... we have found that this can be subjective; while most people may think "it's not a big deal", some people may "assume" facts that are not present such as "Why" did they not take care of this"? or " Something else must be going on"?, etc. - So it is up to you if you want to do something about the information or not. We can get rid of it if you want.
  5. Do you accept credit cards? No, most credit card companies automatically block online purchases in these amounts, we accept check or money order (personal or business check is fine).
  6. Is Online Reputation Repair deductible? Yes, the fee is 100% Tax Deductible as a business marketing expense (many of our clients do this) click here.
  7. More questions? Contact us via email or give us a call @ 1-800-948-1243
  1. Stop letting negative information damage your reputation, take action today...
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Our Reviews
5 Stars
Maryland, Psychologist -
"Thank you so much Psychologist Reputation Repair, I had a very old Board Action that all of a sudden started showing up all over the internet, it was quite embarrassing after all these years to have this information surface again, but you guys took care of it and now it is gone..."
5 Stars
Colorado, Psychologist -
"Several years ago I consented to a state sanction, when I agreed to it I was unaware that this information could be made public on the internet and I suffered the resulting humiliation and impact on my business for years until Psychologist Reputation Repair came along and fixed it".
5 Stars
Connecticut, LCSW - "I was skeptical at first, but after talking with one of their Reputation Repair Experts they helped me to understand how their Psychologist Reputation Repair works, and low and behold it did work, great job, worth every penny".
5 Stars
Washington, Psychologist - "One very difficult client that filed a board complaint which was dismissed as unfounded, but then the former patient started posting bad reviews all over the internet out of spite. I contacted the board, the police, an attorney, etc. but they couldn't do anything and my reputation was being ruined. A friend of mine recommended Psychologist Reputation Repair so I contacted them and presto! Problem Solved"!
5 Stars
New York, Psychiatrist - "I had a Board Action that I appealed and won! But then the Appeal was published by the Court so the information was put online anyway, what a nightmare. But Psychologist Reputation Repair took care of it, no problem".
5 Stars
New Jersey, Psychologist - "I voluntarily surrendered my license and moved on to a new career, but this old information kept on popping up and affecting my business for years afterwards. Psychologist Reputation Repair got rid of this old information and allowed me to move on with my life".
5 Stars
Maine, Psychologist - "Some websites all of a sudden started "republishing" my board actions online, but Psychologist Reputation Repair was able to force the websites to delete the information, these guys are good".
5 Stars
Georgia, Psychologist - "My ex-wife caused a complaint to be filed in attempt to get the upper hand in a divorce/custody case, although the complaint was unfounded the board reprimanded me on "records" and the board documents were published anyway. This was ruining my practice until I contacted Psychologist Reputation Repair and they were able to get rid of all traces of these documents online".
5 Stars
Virginia, Counselor - "I paid some other "Reputation Repair" company over $5,000.00 and they did absolutely nothing to counteract the negative information, this was a complete waste of time and money. But Psychologist Reputation Repair stands by their service and they can get negative information removed from the internet like they say. Highly recommended”.
5 Stars
Florida, Psychologist - "I had an unfortunate and unfavorable State Disciplinary Action many years ago that was long forgotten, but then all of a sudden my patients started cancelling and I couldn't figure out why? Then I Googled myself and wham, there it was on page one.. what a shocker - my past had come back to haunt me, some websites are digging up old disciplinary actions and republishing them on the Internet. I contacted Psychologist Reputation Repair and they were able to push it down past page 15, now no one ever see's them and I can sleep at night."
5 Stars
Arizona, Psychologist - "Thank goodness for Psychologist Reputation Repair, I had several unkind Yelp reviews so my practice was being negatively impacted, but these guys jumped in fixed everything, they even got Yelp to delete the false reviews from their website. Psychologist Reputation Repair is very highly recommended"!
5 Stars
Delaware, Psychologist - "I had an relatively minor "Administrative" Board Action (license lapsed) in one state that ended up with another action in my current state and this stuff spun way out of control. The end result was I had multiple board actions published all over the internet because of a simple oversight, it was horrible. But Psychologist Reputation Repair was able to get this stuff off of the websites for me. I appreciate the work they have done, thank you".

*Note: Due to the confidentiality clause in our service contracts, the identity of our clients is kept confidential, so that no one will ever know that our clients have had a Psychologist Reputation Repair performed. The information will just go away...

Psychologist Online Reputation Repair Pricing

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3 or less None None 1 None Level 1


3+ 1 None 2 None Level 2


6+ 2 1 State 3 Blog Level 3


8+ 3+ 1+ State 5 Article Level 4


10+ Multi-State 1 Federal 8 Video Level 5


15+ Federal 1+ Federal 10+ National Level 6


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